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Updates 2003

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20 December 2003

Added contents of IET magazine 241 and the latest issue (number 46) of the french fanclub "Elvis My Happiness".

New publications added:

Elvis My Happiness Special: Las Vegas - Lake Tahoe by Elvis My Happiness.
Elvis My Happiness Special: Tournées 1954 - 1961 by Elvis My Happiness.

13 December 2003

New books added:

The Tao of Elvis by David Rosen.
Elvis Saves by Bill Yancey.

6 December 2003

New books added:

50 Ans avec Elvis by Jean-Marie Pouzenc.
Over the Fence by Sara Erwin.

23 November 2003

New books added:

Inside Loving You by Ger Rijff and Chris Giles.
Did Elvis Sing In Your Hometown, Too? by Lee Cotten (hardback version).

9 November 2003

New books added:

Roots of Elvis by David Neale.
Elvis Lives: The Business of Being Elvis by Pamela Thomas-Williams.
Twist and Shout by Lee Cotten.

2 November 2003

Added a small questionnaire to the book info cards to ask your opinion about the book. The questionnaire can be filled in anonymously, and the results will appear on the cards too, but allow me some time to process them.
Some books were placed in the wrong category. I corrected that.

26 October 2003

Mainly some small layout matters and typo errors corrected.
The cabinet should look fine now.
Added a link to Books Under Review and corrected some broken links.
Added cross references to the IET magazines on the book info cards.
Categorized books for which no category existed before.

18 October 2003

Added contents IET magazines 220 to 231. Added a link to IET magazine number on book info card.

3 October 2003

Added contents IET 240

27 September 2003

New book added:

Elvis Presley: Unseen Archives by Marie Clayton.

20 September 2003

New books added:

Elvis A. Presley - Die Musik, Der Mensch, Der Mythos (Deluxe version, No. 665) by Marc Hendrickx.
San Bernardino by Thomas Schittler and Thomas Schreiber.
Prayers of Elvis by Madeleine Wilson.
The King of Rock & Roll by Greer Lawrence.
Elvis: Story und Songs Kompakt by John Robertson and Rikky Rooksby.
On Tour With Elvis by Christopher Brown.
Magic Moments by Paul Lichter.
Softly ... I Must Leave You ... The Last Few Months! by Shean Shaver.
The Films of Elvis Presley by Susan Doll.
The Atomic Powered Singer by Brian Petersen.
Are You Hungry Tonight? Elvis' Favorite Recipes by Brenda Arlene Butler.
Graceland Extra Nr. 5: Love me Tender by Peter Kanzler.
Graceland Extra Nr. 19: GI Blues Vol. 1 by Peter Kanzler.
Graceland Extra Nr. 20: GI Blues Vol. 2 by Peter Kanzler.
Graceland Extra Nr. 25: Wild In The Country by Peter Kanzler.
Elvis: In The Eye of The Storm by Geert Hof and Arjan Deelen.

10 September 2003

Updated IET magazine contents 232 to 239.

New books added:

Elvis: A King Forever by Robert Gibson and Sid Shaw.
Early Elvis: The Humes Years by Bill Burk.
Life With Elvis by David Stanley and David Wimbish.
New Elvis-related books added:
Country: The Twisted Roots Of Rock 'n' Roll by Nick Tosches.
Flowers In The Dustbin: The Rise of Rock And Roll 1947-1977 by James Miller.
The Sound Of The City: The Rise of Rock And Roll by Charlie Gillett.
Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom by Nik Cohn.

17 August 2003

New books added:

Pieces of My Life from Elvis Unlimited Prodcutions.
Rock 'n' Nassau by Russ Howe and Tom Salva.
Reconsider Baby - The Definitive Elvis Sessionography 1954-1977 by Ernst Jorgensen, Erik Rasmussen and Johnny Mikkelsen

6 August 2003

New books added:

The Colonel: The Extraordinary story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley by Alanna Nash.
The Rock 'n' Roll Years: My Wish came True by Ger Rijff, JeanPaul Commandeur and Trevor Cajiao

5 August 2003

Almost all books have now front an back covers. Only about 20 books to go!

5 July 2003

Started to add front and back covers in better quality. The covers were scanned at 150 dpi and enhanced and resized. Small covers are added to the book info card. Larger covers are linked to these. For almost 250 books on the shelf this means adding 1000 covers!

29 June 2003

New books added:

Elvis Presley: Bilder Seines Lebens by Joanna and Gunter Braun
Elvis Presley's Graceland - Official Guidebook by The Elvis Presley Estate

18 May 2003

New books added:

Reel Elvis: The Ultimate Trivia Guide To The King's Movies by Pauline Bartel
Elvis UK2 by John Townson and Gordon Minto
The World According To Elvis by Clare Flowers

27 April 2003

New books added:

Elvis by Dagmar by Dagmar
Elvis Pa Kloss Hold by Yngvar Holm
Words, The Complete Lyrics Vol. 7 by Dark Moon Publications

15 March 2003

New books added:

Elvis in Hawaii by Jerry Hopkins
Viva Las Vengeance by Daniel Klein
On The Road by Dave Nicolson

1 March 2003

New books added:

Elvis & Buddy: Linked Lives by Alan Mann
Elvis Presley by Bobby Ann Mason
Elvis: The King Remembered by Susan Moyer
King by Martin Schueller
Tender by Mark Childress
Maximum Elvis by Alan Clayson
The Ways of Elvis by John Dawson

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The website has been tested under Windows with Mozilla version 1.1, Opera versions 5 and 6, Netscape versions 4 to 7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and 6 and under Linux with Mozilla. They all properly show the pages.

25 January 2003

Added links to reviews. Reviews can be found on both the review links page and on the book cards.

5 january 2003

New books added:

Early Elvis: The Sun Years by Bill E. Burk
Early Elvis: The Tupelo Years by Bill E. Burk
Elvis Through My Eyes by Bill E. Burk
Elvis In Canada by Bill E. Burk

Updated the database.
Added books sorted by year, ISBN and category.
Minimized file sizes. Using a pop-up screen for the books reduces the repeated loading of the 'Sorted by ..' files.
Added a new section on Elvis magazines.

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