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Inside Loving You
Rijff, Ger ; Giles, Chris (2003)

Running Wild Productions , London (UK)
no ISBN , 132 pages
softcover , 23 x 23 x 0.9 cm , 0.557 kg

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This book has been rated by 18 person(s), 14 of them have read this book.
Their average rating is 7.4.
Their comments:

" Various photos printed rather poorly (too dark), + many of the photos are quite well-known. "

" after the great inside jailhouse rock and inside king creole this is a real downer. this is not the old rijff anymore ,to sad i was so disapointed! "

" to sad not good! "

" it's the best and yes it's the good old rijf again....those who're saying it's not are trying to blackmouth him .... "

" this is not the old Rijff quality too sad "

" Well I liked it even if some did'nt. "

" the old one were better but much better then every tunzi "

" great book "