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A selection of websites (in more or less random order) where books, reviews and covers can be found. These sites also serve as a news and reference source for my site. For copyright reasons I do not include the reviews on these sites, but provide a link and credit to the author(s) where possible.

As internet pages come and go or change their purpose, I once in a while check if they still exist. The date of the last check is shown.

The websites linked below are not under the control of ElvisBooks. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. The inclusion of the links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

»  ElvisFind.com - The World's Only Elvis Presley Search Engine by Wouter Broekman [last checked 01-05-2019].
The website to find other Elvis websites, lyrics, albums, movies and more. In the past, ElvisFind listed over 400 Elvis Presley websites. All reviewed and categorized. In 2019 it was started over, and the collection will increase over time.
Also includes a review of Elvis Presley: A Life In Books.

»  Elvis in Print by David Neale [last checked 01-05-2019].
Contains short reviews of more than 360 books and other publications concerning Elvis. Gives a very good first impression of a book. Includes David's in-depth reviews for a number of books. Book covers are available for about 40 rare books/publications. Good companion.

»  Elvis Information Network [last checked 01-05-2019].
Reviews of many many books. Website owner Nigel Patterson is (was?) working on a book on Elvis related books. Publication date yet unknown, but it was expected somewhere in 2007.
EIN had a special on Elvis books in 2006, with reviews of rare Elvis books and specials on Sean Shaver, Paul Lichter and Joe Tunzi.

»  Elvis History Blog by Alan Hanson [last checked 01-05-2019].
"There're a million different Elvis books out there. Well, that's probably an exaggeration, but certainly there has been a flood of volumes published about the man since his death in 1977. And there's no end in sight. In 2007 an average of two Presley books hit the market each month. The problem for those seeking credible information about Elvis is this: Which books are worth reading? Which ones tell the truth?"

»  Publishers Weekly [last checked 01-05-2019].
Many reviews of Elvis books.

»  Echoes of the Past by Bob Pakes [last checked 01-05-2019].
Original books adapted into Elvis Presley's movies.

»  Elvis News.com [last checked 01-05-2019].
The website for the latest Elvis news. Reviews of many books.

»  It's Elvis Time by Freia Roos en Peter Haan [last checked 01-05-2019].
The Dutch Elvis fan club. Founded in 1962, in existence for over 55 year now!

»  Elvis Corner by Johan & Cherry [last checked 01-05-2019].
Dutch Elvis Shop. Has a large collection of new and 2nd-hand books. Certainly worth a visit! But watch out while navigating through the maze of Elvis books and memorabilia, you easily get lost in time and space.

»  Elvis Club Berlin e. V. [last checked 01-05-2019].
Large German Elvis site. Also latest book news in section "Lekture/Bücher", in German and English language.

»  Elvis Presley Gesellschaft e.V. [last checked 01-05-2019].
German Elvis Fan Club with a list of all released and upcoming releases of books/CDs/DVDs.

»  Elvis is Still Active in Norway by Oven Egeland [last checked 01-05-2019].
Lists several, more recently released, books with a short description. Has a list and short description of FTD books.

»  For Elvis CD Collectors Only by Willem Kaauw and others [last checked 01-05-2019].
Started about 20 years ago with only a bootleg section, now it has turned into a major Elvis website with a couple of updates everyday. Some reviews of books released in the last couple of years. Good quality reviews.

»  Elvis Australia [last checked 01-05-2019].
Has besides the latest news, a large book section with a short description and front cover.

»  Elvisunique.com by Paul Lichter [last checked 01-05-2019].
Some hard to get books. Also has a section on Paul's own books.

»  Elvis Book Club - Elvis Books [last checked 23-01-2017].
Discussion board only focussed on Elvis books. You have to be a member to participate.

»  Elvis Book Covers [last checked 01-05-2019].
Book covers! Currently about 400. Seems to be related to Amazon and ebay.

»  Google Books [last checked 01-05-2019].
Google books, some of them with preview.

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