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Updates 2006

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9 December 2006

Books added:

Writing For The King by Ken Sharp
Elvis Starring In Oklahoma by Joe Tunzi
Elvis At 21 by Alfred Wertheimer
My Life Before, During And After Elvis Presley by John Wilkinson and Nick Moretti
The Love Me Tender Years Diary by Trude Forsher
We Remember, Elvis by Wanda June Hill

5 November 2006

Books added:

Me and a Guy named Elvis by Jerry Schilling and Chuck Crisafulli
Elvis Interview: A Second Chance by M. J. Allan

18 September 2006

Books added:

The Blue Moon Boys by Ken Burke and Dan Griffin
Fortunate Son: The Life of Elvis Presley by Charles Ponce de Leon

19 August 2006

Books added:

Elvis Hawaii '61 by Joe Tunzi
Inside GI Blues by Elvis Unlimited
Elvis - We still love you tender by Darlene Watkins

18 August 2006

Added all Elvis books released in 2004-2006 to the bookshelf.

30 July 2006

Books added:

Elvis Cinema by Douglas Brode
Elvis: The Complete Music Catalog by Tom, James and Michael De Medeiros
Remember Elvis by Joe Esposito
Elvis Religion by Gregory Reece

25 June 2006

Books added:

Elvis: The Legend And The Music by John Tobler and Richard Wooton
In The Twilight Of Memory (UK Edition) by June Juanico
All Shook Up: Collected Poems by Will Clemens
Elvis: Murdered By The Mob by John Parker
Elvis by Jerry Hopkins
The Legend Lives by Martin A. Grove
People To Know by Connie Plantz
Elvis A to Z by Todd Slaughter (Editor)
All About Elvis by Fred L. Worth and Steve D. Tamerius
Up And Down With Elvis Presley by Marge Crumbaker with Gabe Tucker
Elvis Through My Eyes by Heart Lanier Shapré
The King Is Dead by Sarah Shankman
Elvis Over England by Barry Hines
An Illustrated Biography by Rainer Wallraf and Heinz Plehn
International Appreciation Rules by Albert Hand
Elvis & Lennon by Chris Hutchins and Peter Thompson
Images And Fancies by Jac L. Tharpe
1935 1985 1977 Herinneringen Elvis Presley by Unknown author
Elvis: Een Intieme Roman by Lu Poulsen

10 June 2006

Books added:

Elvis Presley As The One Called Charro! by Joe Tunzi
All Elvis Vol. 2 by Elvis Unlimited Productions
Elvis & Bobby by Vera Jane Goodin

6 June 2006

Books added:

Stay Away, Joe by Dan Cushman
Wild In The Country by J.R. Salamanca
Flaming Star by Clair Huffaker
Flaming Lance by Clair Huffaker
Follow that Dream by Richard Powell
Chautauqua by Day Keene and Dwight Vincent
Kid Galahad by Francis Wallace
Kiss My Firm But Pliant Lips by Dan Greenburg

Elvis For Beginners by Jill Pearlman
Elvis The Secret Files by John Parker
Candidly Elvis by Angela and Jerome Shapiro
Elvis by K.D. Kirkland
Elvis Rising by Kay Sloan and Constance Pierce
Elvissey by Jack Womack
Forever Elvis by John Alvarez Taylor
My Life With Elvis by Becky Yancey and Cliff Linedecker
The King Is Dead: Tales Of Elvis Postmortem by Paul M. Sammon
The Official Price Guide To Elvis Presley Records And Memorabilia by Jerry Osborne
Elvis The Man And His Music

Elvis Special 1964 by Albert Hand (Ed.)
Elvis Special 1965 by Albert Hand (Ed.)
Elvis Special 1966 by Albert Hand (Ed.)
Elvis Special 1969 by Albert Hand (Ed.)
Elvis Special 1970 by Albert Hand (Ed.)
Elvis Special 1971 by Albert Hand (Ed.)
Elvis Special 1972 by Albert Hand (Ed.)
Elvis Special 1973 by Albert Hand (Ed.)
Elvis Special 1974 by Editor of Elvis Monthly
Elvis Special 1975 by Editor of Elvis Monthly
Elvis Special 1976 by Todd Slaughter
Elvis Special 1978 by Todd Slaughter
Elvis Special 1980 by Todd Slaughter
Elvis Special 1982 by Todd Slaughter
Elvis Special 1983 by Todd Slaughter
Elvis Special 1984 by Todd Slaughter
Elvis Special 1985 by Todd Slaughter

27 May 2006

Books added:

The Presley Family Cookbook by Vester Presley and Nancy Rooks
The Elvis Presley Story by James Gregory
Charro! by Harry Whittington
Elvis The Music Lives On by Richard Peters
Elvis Presley Quote Unquote by Arthur Davis
Elvis My Brother by Billy Stanley
Elvis On The Road To Stardom 1955-1956 by Jim Black
Elvis In Concert (1977) by John Reggero
Don't Ask Forever My Love Affair With Elvis Presley by Joyce Bova and William Conrad Newels
Elvis Presley De Biografie Van Een Fenomeen by Lodewijk Rijff

20 May 2006

Books added:

All Elvis - An Unofficial Biography Of The King Of Discs by Buckle, Philip
Aspects Of Elvis : Tryin' To Get To You by Clayson, Alan ; Leigh, Spencer
Elvis His Life From A To Z by Worth, Fred L. ; Tamerius, Steve D.
Elvis Is Everywhere by Scherman, Rowland
Elvis Presley: A Study In Music by Matthew-Walker, Robert
Elvis' Search For God (proof copy) by Stearn, Jess ; Geller, Larry
Elvis World by Stern, Jane ; Stern, Michael
Hurry Home, Elvis (1962-1966) by Lewis, Donna ; Slanker, Craig A.
Hurry Home, Elvis Vol II (1967-1968) by Lewis, Donna ; Slanker, Craig A.
If I Can Dream: Elvis's Own Story by Geller, Larry ; Spector, Joel ; Romanowski, Patricia
King! When Elvis Rocked The World by Nelson, Peter
Meet Elvis by Hand, Albert
Operation Elvis by Levy, Alan
The Life And Death Of Elvis Presley
When Elvis Died by Gregory, Neal ; Gregory, Janice

5 March 2006

Books added:

Child Bride by Suzanne Finstad
Jailhouse Rock by Lee Cotten and Howard A. DeWitt
Candle In The Wind by Bill E. Burk

7 January 2006

Books added:

The Beginning Of Elvis Presley - The Birth Of Rock n' Roll Volume 1 1953-1954 by Joseph Pirzada and John Michael Heath
Elvis The Documentaries by Joe Tunzi
The Legend of Elvis Presley by W.A. Harbison
Memories and Memorabilia by Richard Buskin
We're So Grateful That You Did It Your Way by Betty Tuttle Goodge
Elvis Special 1977 by Elvis Monthly
Elvis Special 1979 by Todd Slaughter (Ed.)
Elvis Special 1981 by Todd Slaughter (Ed.)
Footsteps of Elvis Amsterdam

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