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Updates 2005

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25 December 2005

Out now is IET 249, the magazine of the Dutch fan club It's Elvis Time.
Added contents of magazines IET 246 to 249.

10 December 2005

Books added:

Elvis: The Personal Archives by Jeff Scott

5 November 2005

Books added:

Elvis and the Memphis Mafia by Alanna Nash

24 July 2005

Books added:

Behind the Image, volume 2 by Bud Glass
Essential Elvis Interviews by Andrew Hearn
Elvis' DNA proves he's alive by Bill Beeny
Warman's Elvis Field Guide by Paul Kennedy
Spraakmakende biografie van Elvis Presley by Tara McAdams
De geheime dossiers by John Parker

6 July 2005

Books added:

The Memphis Lullaby by Linda Ann McConnell
Lost Revolutions - The south in the 1950s by Pete Daniel

4 June 2005

Books added:

Inside Graceland by Nancy Rooks and Jim Cox
Like A Prince From Another Planet by Three Stars Inc.
The Presley Family Photo Album by Denny Diante, Ray Ruff and John Caldwell

21 May 2005

Books added:

Untold Gold by Ace Collins
Elvis by the Presleys by David Ritz (editor)
Dewey and Elvis by Louis Cantor

14 May 2005

Books added:

Rockin' Across Texas by Stanley Oberst
Presleyana V by Jerry Osborne and Robert Alaniz
Elvis related books were moved to a separate section.
12 February 2005

Book added:

The Return of the King by Michael Hodjera.

29 January 2005

Book added:

The Ultimate Elvis In Munich Book by Andreas Roth.

27 January 2005

Book added:

The King Is Dead by Robert Holton.

18 January 2005

Books added:

A Presley Speaks by Vester Presley
Elvis In Art by Roger Taylor
Elvis by Albert Goldman
Elvis - The Final Years by Jerry Hopkins
Elvis 1963 Special by Albert Hand
Elvis And The Colonel by May Mann
Elvis And The Stars by Jim Curtin
Elvis Disguised - The John Crow Recordings by Harley Hatcher
Elvis' Man Friday by Gene Smith
Elvis Mania - Long Live The King! by Linc Wonham (Ed.)
Elvis Minnealbum 2 by Pål Granlund and Yngvar Holm
Elvis On CD 1984-1992 by Peter Baumann
Elvis On CD Volume 2 by Peter Baumann
Elvis Presley - Koning Van De Rock 'n Roll by Han Wielick
Elvis Recording Sessions by Ernst Jorgensen, Erik Rasmussen and Johnny Mikkelsen
Elvis Then & Now by Jay Lovinger (Ed.)
Elvis, My Brother by Billy Stanley
Elvis: Like Any Soldier by Jerry Osborne
Elvis: Why Won't They Leave You Alone? by May Mann
Even Elvis by Mary Ann Thornton
Is Elvis Alive? by Gail Brewer-Giorgio
Operation Elvis by Alan Levy
Presley: Entertainer Of The Century by Anthony James
Starring Elvis - Elvis Presley's Greatest Movies by James Bowser
The Elvis Book II by Sean Shaver
The Elvis Book III by Sean Shaver
The Graceland Gates by Harold Loyd
Elvis Presley's Graceland Gates by Harold Loyd
The Touch Of Two Kings: Growing Up At Graceland by Rick Stanley and Michael Haynes
To Elvis, With Love by Lena Canada

16 January 2005

Books added:

Born To Rock by Bud Glass
Healthy Life, Great Looks, Healthy Hair! by Larry Geller
The Presley Arrangement by Monte Nicholson

2 January 2005

Out now is IET 245, the magazine of the Dutch fan club It's Elvis Time. In this issue, reviews of eight books can be found.

Also released was Issue 24 of Elvis Unlimited, with reviews on "Elvis Sessions III" and "A Date With Elvis".

The December issue of Rockin' Fifties (Issue 94) has reviews on "A Date With Elvis", "Elvis Sessions III", "Everything Elvis - Fantastic Facts about the King", "Flashback" and "Elvis and Other Celebrities".

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