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Essential Elvis Interviews
Hearn, Andrew (Editor) (2005)

Essential Elvis UK , Worthing (UK)
ISBN 0-9549820-0-2 , 196 pages
softcover , 21.0 x 14.8 x 1.0 cm , 0.369 kg

Memoirs and memories
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From the backcover:
Thousands of fans from all over the world have enjoyed reading the many exclusive interviews conducted by and printed in "Essential Elvis" magazine. With an ever-increasing database and swelling interest, a great many back issues have become collectables.

Unable to enjoy various interviews, the requests for reprints has been massive. It soon became obvious that a book, to include the most frequently requested features, would be a perfect way to satisfy demand and to pay a sincere tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Interviews with following persons are included:
Julie Parrish, Mike Stoller, Jennifer Holden, Lamar Fike, Sir Jimmy Saville Obe, Tamara Beckwith, Al Dvorin, Francine York, Harry Hill, Deborah Walley, Ricj Schmidlin, Sonny West, Lionel Hudson, Anita Wood, Marc Bannerman, Linda Thompson, Barbara Leigh, Wink Martindale, Marsha Alverson, Pat Priest, Eamonn Holmes, Ginger and Rosemary Alden, Joan Blackman, Bill Belew, David Stanley, Susan Henning, Larry Geller, Jeanne Lemay, George Nichopoulos, Sherry Williams, Suzanna Leigh and Glen D. Hardin.

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24 July 2005

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" nice interviews! "

" A great job for a wonderful book! Not only are the interviews very interesting but this book is well made with great pictures. There sure is a lot of love in there! For fans and those who do appreciate good interviews. "

" this book is a sad attempt by nr hearn to copy the sucsess of TREVOR CAJIOS TALKING ELVIS from some years back`, needless to say hearns book was/is a failure as is his fledgling magazine, what we have here in this book is what i call non essential interviews, never mind the repetitive questions. Certainly not an essential release and , if you have CAJIOS talking ELVIS than you have a great book, this is a book that is filled with fuff[just like your favorite pillow] i can say however that it is a great bird cage liner, i'm sure MR HEARN has many of copies of this book , holding up his bed! file this book under[pure crap]. "

" great job mr hearn. too bad that trevor writes too often fake reviews "