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The Memphis Lullaby
McConnell, Linda Ann (2004)

Pressley Publications , Glasgow
ISBN 0-9548254-0-3 , 98 pages
softcover , 21.0 x 14.9 x 0.6 cm , 0.141 kg

Dramas and musicals about Elvis
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Reviews and comments by fans (with permission from Linda Ann McConnell):

‘I really liked the book, The Memphis Lullaby.’
DJ Fontana, Elvis’ original drummer. USA.

‘Linda Ann, thanks for allowing me to read your impressive manuscript, “The Memphis Lullaby.” I was very touched reading it. I think you have captured the essence of Elvis. I know he would have approved. I feel that Elvis fans and people everywhere will appreciate and enjoy it as much as I did. “The Memphis Lullaby” gives an insight into Elvis’ life in a beautiful way. TLC.’
Larry Geller, Elvis friend, hairstylist and spiritual advisor. USA.

‘Congratulations! You have done a magnificent job with this and I am VERY proud of you! “The Memphis Lullaby” provides a fresh and unique view of the Elvis Presley story. It is certain to be a favourite among Presley fans and Pop Culture lovers alike. A brilliant work.’
Jerry Osborne, Author and Publisher. USA.

‘It is clearly an act of love, a charming portrait of ‘The King.’
Jeremy Raison, Director, The Citizens Theatre Glasgow. Scotland.

‘Very clever. …a tour de force.’
David Neale, Author of "Roots of Elvis". Belgium.

‘The Memphis Lullaby is an ambitious monologue: a warm and touching account of Elvis’ life, with shades of comedy."
Neil Coull, Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh.

‘I think this is an excellent book. In my view the author did a terrific job on it and has “hit the bullseye” with this accurate but most unusual treatment of Elvis’ life. My congratulations to the playwright on a once-in-a-lifetime story beautifully told.’
Wink Martindale , Radio / TV host. USA.

‘“The Memphis Lullaby” is a beautifully written, well-researched and emotionally moving story of Elvis Presley as told in monologue by the artist. Scripted in the format of a one-person play, the text is dramatically developed so that the reader is able to vividly visualize its staging. Author, Linda Ann McConnell, opens the door to an interesting insight of the spiritually and humility of the artist and the reality of his being.’
Bea Fogelman, published author and Director of The Entertainment Network, Las Vegas, Nevada. USA.

‘I enjoyed this book tremendously. It is a wonderful play, masterfully put together.. Congratulations on a fine piece of art.’
Annemarie Swarts, President Elvis Presley Fan Club of Africa.

‘A healthy frank, and wonderfully inspiring account of the King’
Richard Wilkins, Director, Ministry of Inspiration. England.

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08 December 2005

This book has been rated by 31 person(s), 30 of them have read this book.
Their average rating is 9.4.
Their comments:

" Excellent and informative piece of work a great and sympathetic read "

" This book is simply brilliant. The way the author has managed to tell the entire story with only 'The King's' words, makes this piece unputdownable. My knowledge of Elvis was quite limited prior to reading this, I knew quite a few of his songs as my Dad was a fan, so I grew up listening to Elvis songs, my Mum fancied him and we would watch his movies together and I remember how he died, but that was really it. This book taught me just how much of a spiritual man Elvis really was and I have to admit that I was quite touched by that. I highly recommend this book, even to people who wouldn't necessarily call themselves Elvisfans. After reading this, they may, however, change their minds. J. Sivers, Glasgow "

" What can I say,what an unusual and new way to portray the King, excellent read from start to finish, felt like I was there with him. C Fields,East Kilbride "


" The journey of Elvis, seen to be told through his own eyes and heart. An indepth and emotional piece of writing. "

" What an unusual book it portrays the very spiritual side of Elvis. The reader feels at one with him as he takes you through his life. It is as if you were alone in a room listening to him talk. "

" brilliant "

" excellent read "

" it is an insight into his life "

" "A wonderful and respectful script. An excellent read. A must for all fans" - Lee Dawson, www.elvis-express.com "