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Elvis, Behind The Image - Volume 2 - Welcome To His World
Glass, Bud (2005)

Praytome Publishing , Germany
ISBN 3-00-016515-0 , 144 pages
hardcover , 30.2 x 21.5 x 1.5 cm , 0.933 kg

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Experience Elvis being surprised with presents by fans in 1968 for Father's Day, how he visits the USS Arizona War Memorial to whose construction he has contributed with his benefit concert in 1961 - an Elvis who is just coming home from the shooting of the 68 TV Special and still wearing the suit from the Gospel sequence...
Accompany Elvis backstage during his Comeback engagement in 1969 in Las Vegas, be present during the key commissioning of the first American Stutz, experience more about the meeting between Muhammad Ali and Elvis and how Muhammad Ali found himself standing in the ring in a Elvis jumpsuit design. Behind The Image 2 is showing for the first time the photos which break all speculations off, whether Elvis was present at the Ali-Frazier fight.
See Elvis's astonished face when he suddenly meets a double of himself, the sensational photos of the private Elvis who leaves the Memphian Theater as a true action hero; with two pair of Bruce Lee style Nunchakus in each back pocket, and a gun tucked into the front of his pants. Experience Elvis, the avid martial arts enthusiast in the karate studio together with Ed Parker and later when he poses in the karate studio in a jumpsuit for common fan photos.
The rumor that the late 70's Elvis was only tired and dull is totally disproved by this book in reports and pictures: on one side there is an Elvis totally inflamed with rage, who leaves his hotel because the air condition has given up the ghost and runs into the next hotel directly across the street to escape the summer heat. Imagine Elvis a few days before his death on his Harley with a flower arrangement on his carrier - without the company of his bodyguards - on his way to Forrest Hill Cemetery where he lays down a bouquet at his mother's grave. Behind The Image 2 does not only give you the story to this surely unique moment, but provides also the according pictures. Also included are several untold stories about the last few days of Elvis' life.
Experience for example how Elvis became "Mr. Lipton" and how he stops at Taco Bell in 1970 on his way to work on his That's The Way It Is documentary, and why he leaves by saying "Awwww F***".
Behind The Image 2 starts in 1956 and takes you through to August of 1977.

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24 July 2005

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