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Updates 2002

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27 November 2002

New books added:

Eating the Elvis Way by David Adler
Silver Screen Icon by Steve Templeton
The Candid Elvis, Volume 4 by Shean Shaver

17 November 2002

Changed lay-out of some pages. No new books added.

10 November 2002

I changed my database from Microsoft Acess to Excel. The program I wrote to generate automatically the bookshelves does not work with the new format of the database. So I have to re-program it which takes more time than expected. Please be patient. The bookshelves are still available in the old format. The other pages are already getting their final shape. The next update will be within a week.
Note: if you use Internet Explorer the covers will not show up! They do show up if you use Netscape, Opera or Mozilla. This will be fixed soon.

1 November 2002

New books added in October:

All Elvis by Hendrik Knudsen
Elvis: The #1 Hits - The Secret History Of The Classics by Patrick Humphries
Songs of Inspiration by Hal Leonard Publishing
Elvis,  The New Rage. A Radio History From 1954-1955 by Aaron Webster
Sergeant Presley - Our Untold Story of Elvis's Missing Years by Rex Mansfield
Stern Spezial Biografie
Danilo Calender 2002

1 October 2002

New books added in September:

Elvis for Everyone by David Parker
Private Presley: The Missing Years by Andreas Schroer
The Elvis Movie Songbook by Hal Leonard
Elvis Treasures by Robert Gordon
Elvis, Memories Beyond Graceland by Mary Jenkins
The Day Elvis Met Nixon by Egil Krogh
The Inventory of the Estate of Elvis Presley by Richard Singer
Dispelling the Myths by Todd Rheingold

1 October 2002

New books added in August:

The Rock 'n' Roll Movie Encyclopedia by Mark Thomas McGee
All The King's Things: The Ultimate Elvis Memorabilia Book by Bill Yenne
True Disbelievers by R. Serge Denisoff and George Plasketes
La Discographie Francaise by Jean-Marie Pouzenc

1 August 2002

New books added in July:

The Girls Guide by Kim Adelman
A Celebration in Pictures by Mike Evans
    A massive book (5 cm thick, 608 pages) with lots of photos from his early years to 1977.
A Celebration by the Editors of Life Magazine
    Color and black and white photos.
Elvis By Those Who Knew Him Best by Rose Clayton and Dick Heard
    A reprint of the 1995 edition, with a slightly diferent title.
The Rough Guide to Elvis by Paul Simpson
    Small pocket size book with lots of interesting features. A must for Elvis and non-Elvis fans!

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