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The Tao of Elvis
Rosen, David (2002)

Harvest Books ,
ISBN 0-15-600737-1 , 200 pages
softcover , 18.9 x 13.9 x 1.7 cm , 0.256 kg

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From the back cover:
From the early days as a burgeoning superstar to the drug-addled haze of his final years, from "Love Me Tender" to "Suspicious Minds", from devoted father to estranged husband, Elvis Presley's life was one long quest to balance opposites. Yet no matter how he was cast - as a savor, as a sinner, an idol a has-been - Elvis was a deeply spiritual man. Twenty-five years after his death, The Tao of Elvis is the first endeavor to illustrate Elvis's Taoist nature and to interpret his never-ending search for purpose and meaning. Revealing his journey from light into dark, David Rosen examines the king's life through the structure of the Tao Te Ching. In reflections on forty-two Taoist concepts - one for each of his years - Rosen shows how the Tao, a mysterious force, was and is operating through America's King. Like the Tao, Elvis is everywhere.

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13 December 2003

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" A surprising and very interesting book about a way of life full of wisdom and a smart connection to Elvis's spiritual research. More importantly it uses Elvis's life as a reference for both positive and negative sides of life. E would have loved it and so will all the fans and outside observers. "