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Elvis Saves
Yancey, Bill (2002)

Briarwood Publications, Inc. , Rockey Mount (VA)
2nd Ed. , ISBN 1-892614-44-8 , 296 pages
softcover , 20.2 x 12.6 x 1.6 cm , 0.308 kg

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From the back cover:
Michael Lomax is the marketing director for a large entertainment corporation, Traywick-Danzro Productions. As the result of his advice, the corporation is losing money. He convinced the board of directors to diversify its entertainment portfolio and buy Graceland from the Presley family. Since the acquisition of the property, interest in Elvis Presley has waned. The number of tourists has dropped precipitously.
To save his job, Lomax concocts a plan to heighten interest in Elvis and to increase the number of tourists. A bolt of lightening hits the mansion. Shortly thereafter, Elvis sightings are reported all over the country.
Unfortunately for Lomax, the man he hired to impersonate the reincarnated King of Rock and Roll disappears. Also missing is the body of the late rock star. Either the impersonator or a psychiatrist, who planted the memories in some of the Elvis fans, can destroy the illusion of Presley's return from the dead and put Lomax in jail. Lomax wants both men eliminated.

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