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Elvis Related Books

Elvis related books on the shelf: 246
About contemporaries and musical influences

(note: this is not an exhaustive list, just a list of what's in my collection )


Aretha Franklin


B.B. King



Shout!: The Beatles in their Generation - Norman, Philip (2005)

The Beatles Anthology - Aspinall, Neil (Exec. Producer) (2000)


Big Bill Broonzy


Big Jay McNeely


Bill Haley


Bill Monroe

The Bill Monroe Reader - Ewing, Tom (2000)


Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday - Ingham, Chris (2000)

Billie Holiday: Wishing On The Moon - Clarke, Donald (2002)

With Billie - Blackburn, Julia (2005)



Blues Travelling: The Holly Sites of the Blues - Cheseborough, Steve (2004)

Deep Blues - Palmer, Robert (1982)

I Am The Blues: The Willie Dixon Story - Dixon, Willie ; Snowden, Don (1990)

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues - Guralnick, Peter ; Santelli, Robert ; George-Warren, Holly ; Farley, Christopher John (2003)

The Blues: A Very Short Intro - Wald, Elijah (2010)

The Golden Age of the Blues - Havers, Richard ; Evans, Richard (2010)

The History of The Blues - Davis, Francis (2003)

The Land Where The Blues Began - Lomax, Alan (2002)

The Roots of the Blues: An African Search - Charters, Samuel (1981)


Bobby Bland

Soul of the Man: Bobby Blue Bland - Farley, Charles (2011)


Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin - A Listener's Guide - Brown, Shane (2015)

Bobby Darin: A Life - Starr, Michael Seth (2004)

Roman Candle: The Life of Bobby Darin - Evanier, David (2004)


Brenda Lee


Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly - The Real Story - Amburn, Ellis (2002)

Buddy: The definitive biography - Norman, Philip (2009)

Everyday: Getting closer to Buddy Holly - Leigh, Spencer (2009)

Memories of Buddy Holly - Dawson, Jim ; Leigh, Spencer (1996)

Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue?: A Memoir by Buddy Holly's Peggy Sue - Gerron, Peggy Sue ; Cameron, Glenda (2008)


Carl Perkins


Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry: The Autobiography - Chuck Berry (2001)

Chuck Berry: The Biography - Collis, John (2004)

Long Distance Information - Rothwell, Fred (2001)


Dean Martin

Backstage At The Dean Martin Show - Hale, Lee ; Neely, Richard D. (2000)

Dean Martin: The King of the Road - Freedland, Michael (2005)

Martini Man: The Life of Dean Martin - Schoell, William (2003)

That's Amore: A Son Remembers Dean Martin - Martin, Ricci ; Smith, Christopher (2004)


Dinah Washington


Doc Pomus


Doo Wop

Doo Wop: The Music, the Times, the Era - Morrow, Cousin Brucie ; Maloof, Rich (2008)

Doowop: The Chicago Scene - Pruter, Robert (1996)

Forever Doowop: Race, Nostalgia, and Vocal Harmony - Runowicz, John Michael (2010)

The Complete Book of Doo-Wop - Gribin, Anthony J. ; Schiff, Matthew M. (2000)


Earl Palmer

Back Beat: Earl Palmer's Story - Scherman, Tony (2000)


Ed Sullivan


Eddie Cochran

Don't Forget Me: The Eddie Cochran Story - Mundy, Julie ; Higham, Darrel (2001)

Three Steps To Heaven: The Eddy Cochran Story - Cochran, Bobby ; Van Hecke, Susan (2003)


Etta James

Rage To Survive: The Etta James Story - James, Etta ; Ritz, David (2003)


Fats Domino


Frank Sinatra


Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent: A Companion - Henderson, Derek (2005)


Hank Williams

Hank Williams, So Lonesome - Koon, Bill (2001)

Hank Williams: Snapshots From The Lost Highway - Escott, Colin ; Florita, Kira (2002)

Hank Williams: The Biography - Escott, Colin ; Merritt, George ; MacEwen, William (1995)

Hank Williams: The Biography - Escott, Colin ; Merritt, George ; MacEwen, William (2004)

Sing A Sad Song: The Life of Hank Williams - Williams, Roger M. (1981)


Howlin' Wolf

Moanin' At Midnight: The Life and Times of Howlin' Wolf - Segrest, James ; Hoffman, Mark (2005)


Huddie Ledbetter

The Life and Legend of Leadbelly - Wolfe, Charles K. ; Lornell, Kip (1999)


Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson: Lonely Teardrops - Douglas, Tony (2005)


Jerry Lee Lewis

Hellfire: The Jerry Lee Lewis Story - Tosches, Nick (1989)


Jimmy Reed


Johnny Ace


Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash: The Biography - Streissguth, Michael (2007)

Johnny Cash: The Songs - Cusic, Don (2005)


Johnny Otis


Little Richard


Little Walter

Blues With A Feeling: The Little Walter Story - Glover, Tony ; Dirks, Scott ; Gaines, Ward (2002)


Little Willie John


Louis Jordan



The Original Marvelettes - Taylor, Marc (2004)


Muddy Waters


Music General

35 Years of British Hit EP's - White, George R. (2001)

Burn, Baby! Burn!: The Autobiography of Magnificent Montague - Montague, Nathaniel ; Baker, Bob (2009)

Chicago Soul - Pruter, Robert (1992)

City To City - Blokhuis, Leo (2009)

Classic Country: Legends of Country Music - Wolfe, Charles K. (2001)

Classic Rock Covers - Ochs, Michael (2001)

Country Music USA - Malone, Bill C. (2003)

Hitriders - Brillouet, Marc (1990)

It Came From Memphis - Gordon, Robert (1995)

Ladies of Soul - Freeland, David (2001)

Louie Louie - Marsh, Dave (2004)

Music Trails USA: een muzikale reisgids - Stakenburg, Marc (2019)

Nowhere to Run: The Story of Soul Music - Hirshey, Gerri (2006)

On The Road - Nicolson, Dave (2002)

On this Day in Black Music - Warner, Jay (2006)

Rock It! - Yper, Robert van (2002)

Tennessee Music: Its People and Places - Zimmerman, Peter (1998)

The Big Beat Scene - Ellis, Royston (2010)

The Cincinnati Sound - McNutt, Randy (2007)

The Country Blues: Roots of Jazz - Charters, Samuel (1976)

The Fifties - Halberstam, David (1994)

The Virgin Encyclopedia of 50's Music - Larkin, Colin (2002)

The Virgin Encyclopedia of 60's Music - Larkin, Colin (2002)


Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole - Epstein, Daniel Mark (2000)


Nina Simone

I Put a Spell on You - The Autobiography of Nina Simone - Simone, Nina ; Clearly, Stephen (2003)


Patsy Cline

Patsy: The Life and Times of Patsy Cline - Jones, Margaret (1999)


Ray Charles

Brother Ray - Charles, Ray ; Ritz, David (2004)

Ray Charles: Man and Music - Lydon, Michael (2004)


Record Labels

Ace Records: Labels Unlimited - Stubbs, David ; Young, Rob (2008)

Good Rockin' Tonight: Sun Records - Escott, Colin ; Hawkins, Martin (1991)

King Records of Cincinnati - McNutt, Randy (2009)

Little Labels, Big Sound - Kennedy, Rick ; McNutt, Randy (1999)

The Story of Chess Records - Collis, John (1998)


Rhythm & Blues

Rhythm and Blues In Cleveland - Gart, Galen (2003)

Rhythm and Blues in New Orleans - Broven, John J. (2008)

Rhythm and Blues in New Orleans - Broven, John J. (2016)

The Death of Rhythm and Blues - George, Nelson (2004)


Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson: Lost and Found - Pearson, Barry Lee ; McCulloch, Bill (2003)

Searching For Robert Johnson - Guralnick, Peter (1998)


Rock & Roll

Let the Good Times Rock! - Millar, Bill (2004)

Rock & Roll - Buch, Boudewijn (1991)

Rock 'n' Roll 39-59 - Gillett, Charlie (2008)

The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll - Havers, Richard ; Evans, Richard (2010)

Unsung Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll - Tosches, Nick (1999)



Rockabilly: A Forty-year Journey - Poore, Billy (1998)


Rosetta Tharp


Roy Orbison


Ruth Brown

Miss Rhythm - The Autobiography of Ruth Brown - Brown, Ruth ; Yule, Andrew (1999)


Sam Cooke

Dream Boogie: The Triumph of Sam Cooke - Guralnick, Peter (2005)

The Life and Times of Sam Cooke - Wolff, Daniel (2011)


Sarah Vaughan

Sassy: The Life of Sarah Vaughan - Gourse, Leslie (1994)


Son House




Wynonie Harris

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