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Welcome to:

Elvis Presley: A Life in Books

A reference guide to find your way in the ever-growing Elvis-literature.

Currently 2777 books are listed.

General information about the books (book covers, number of pages, etcetera) is given.
Most of them are still awaiting a proper review, but that's being worked on.

The website layout is structured like a 'real' book, with a front page, an introduction,
a table of contents, the main part with the books and some closing pages.
All can be accessed through the left menu.

The latest news will be added as soon as it comes to my ears or eyes.

This website has updates on a regular basis.

The bookshelf can be sorted by title, author, year, category, publisher, ISBN and language.
Detailed information is placed on book info cards (an example, enable javascript!).

Books in Print lists all books scheduled for release.

A section about authors gives background information about some authors.

Special topics will be highlighted in the specials section.

Looking for a book description or review you can't find on these pages?
Some excellent links are provided too.

Lost track of a certain page?
Go to the sitemap for the full contents and some more background info about the pages.

If you would like to submit a review, have news, links, comments or other questions, please contact me.

Happy reading!

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