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Rock Around The Clock: The Record That Started The Rock Revolution
Dawson, Jim (2005)

Backbeat Books , San Francisco (CA)
paperback , 208 pages , 23.5 x 15.2 x 1.4 cm , 0.361 kg
ISBN-10: 0-87930-829-X , ISBN-13: 978-0-87930-829-2

Category: Elvis related books / Bill Haley
Language: English
Description: The real story of rock 'n' roll's beginnings like it's never been told before. It's all here, from the song's murky origins and Bill Haley's early struggles as a professional musician, to the record's explosion through motion pictures like The Blackboard Jungle and Haley's resulting success and eventual burnout. Dawson makes the case that 'Rock Around the Clock' besides being the first national No. 1 rock 'n' roll hit killed Tin Pan Alley and heralded the beginning of modern youth culture.
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