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The Virgin Encyclopedia Of 60's Music
Larkin, Colin (2002)

MUZE UK Ltd. , Brentwood (UK) , rev. Ed.
hardback , 542 pages , 24 x 16 x 4.6 cm , 0.909 kg
ISBN-10: 1-85227-933-8 , ISBN-13: 978-1-85227-933-2

Category: Elvis related books / Music General
Language: English
Description: Published for the first time in hard cover this invaluable handbook contains 1000 entries taken from the Encyclopedia of Popular Music, offering an insight into the 60s -- the most analyzed yet least understood decade in the history of popular music. It includes every artist who had a significant impact on the development of rock and pop music in those ten years, from the Beatles-led invasion of America to the States' own pop aristocracy of Phil Spector and the Beach Boys, from the rise of Motown to the arrival of psychedelia and the Summer of Love. A perfect mix of fact and informed opinion contained in one single volume. Covers the essential elements -- dates, career facts, discography, album ratings plus a sense of context for each artist.
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