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For The Record: Sun Records, An Oral History
Floyd, John (2015)

The Devault-Graves Agency , Memphis (TN), USA , Updated Ed.
paperback , 258 pages , 20.2 x 12.4 x 2 cm , 0.248 kg
ISBN-10: 1-942531-10-9 , ISBN-13: 978-1-942531-10-4

Category: Elvis related books / Record Labels
Language: English
Description: Sun Records: An Oral History (2nd edition) brings to readers the voices of the pillars of Sun Records, the artists, producers and engineers who made the place tick. Thomas (the first hit-maker for Sun), Scotty Moore, Rosco Gordon, Little Milton Campbell, Billy Lee Riley, producer and musician Roland Janes, producer Cowboy Jack Clement and others all tell their inimitable stories about the making of a music empire, the label that put rock and roll on the world map. Music journalist and critic John Floyd has woven together dozens of priceless stories and anecdotes with his own insightful and artful narrative to make this book definitive for anyone interested in Sun Records or the birth and rise of rock and roll. For example, there are firsthand accounts of the early Elvis sessions by Moore, Riley's own account of his legendary drunken rampage in the Sun studio, and a transcript of the back-and-forth hell and damnation conversation between a reluctant Lewis and Phillips just prior to the recording of 'Great Balls of Fire.' This second edition updates the masterful original book which was critically acclaimed and considered one of the canon of must-have music books.
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With 10 black & white photographs (captioned), bibliography, no index.
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