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Jerry Osborne

Jerry Osborne

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Jerry Osborne in his radio studio where he air's a one-hour radio show on KPTZ-FM.
(Photo source: Jerry Osborne ... )

Jerry Osborne (1944-) has been a deejay, a musical director, chief engineer and program director. He started in a California high school running the school's radio station in 1961 and continuous through today at radio stations in the west-California, Texas, Arizona and Washington.

From his years in radio, he is known as an authority on record prices and album collections. Since 1976, Jerry Osborne and his team have produced and distributed the industry's leading line of price guides and music reference books. He has written more than 200 reference guides on record collecting and has been a technical advisor for television shows on CNN and MSNBC. He has been interviewed by dozens of magazines on the art of collecting vinyl. He continues to publish an online edition for collectors.

Below is a selection of Elvis record price guides written or published by Jerry. More (not specific Elvis) books can be found on Jerry's website ... .

- University of Arkansas Grantham ... (text adapted and condensed).
- Jerry Osborne ...

Text updated: 21 May 2023


1977 - The Complete Elvis (with Randall Jones)
1979 - The Love of Elvis [Non-Recorded Memorabilia]

1980 - Presleyana (The Elvis Presley Price Guide) 1st Edition
1980 - The Elvis Cover-Up
1983 - Presleyana II (The Elvis Presley Price Guide) 2nd Edition
1985 - Elvis: A 30-Year Chronicle (by Bill E. Burk, published by Jerry Osborne)
1986 - Rockin' Records Special Elvis Edition
1988 - Official Price Guide to Memorabilia of Elvis Presley and the Beatles
1988 - The Humes Herald - 1953
1988 - Elvis - Like Any Other Soldier (First Printing, hardback)
1988 - Elvis - Like Any Other Soldier (Second Printing, paperback)
1989 - Elvis - Like Any Other Soldier (re-issue)

1992 - Presleyana III (The Elvis Presley Price Guide) 3rd Edition
1994 - Official Price Guide to Elvis Presley Records & Memorabilia 1st Edition
1997 - Presleyana IV (The Elvis Presley Price Guide) 4th Edition
1998 - Official Price Guide to Elvis Presley Records & Memorabilia 2nd Edition
1999 - Elvis - Word for Word (First Edition)

2000 - Elvis - Word for Word (Revised Edition)
2002 - Presleyana V (The Elvis Presley Price Guide) 5th Edition, with Robert Alaniz
2002 - Elvis: The King Remembered - Book & Audio CD (by Susan Moyer, published by Jerry Osborne)
2004 - Color My World (by Betty Harper, published by Jerry Osborne)
2006 - Elvis - Word for Word (Revised 2006 Edition)
2007 - Presleyana VI (The Elvis Presley Price Guide) 6th Edition

2010 - Elvis - Like Any Other Soldier (Special 50th Anniversary Edition) (with Barbara Hahn)
2012 - Presleyana VII (The Elvis Presley Price Guide) 7th Edition
2017 - Presleyana VIII (The Elvis Presley Price Guide) 8th Edition


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