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Books in Print 2006

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January 2006

Child Bride: The Untold Story of Priscilla Beaulieu Presley by Suzanne Finstad.
(Three Rivers Press, 464 pages, paperback, ISBN: 0307336956, re-issue).
Publisher's info ...

In the Kingdom of Elvis: In the City of the Prince with No Name by Phil Embleton.
(Lulu Press, paperback, 198 pages, ISBN: 1-4116-7002-7).

Elvis: The King of Rock and Roll by Rupert Matthews.
(New Line Books, hardback, 112 pages, ISBN: 159764207X, re-issue).

Elvis - By the Presleys by Hal Leonard Corporation.
(Hal Leonard Corporation, paperback, 136 pages, ISBN: 1423401557, sheetmusic).

February 2006

Shooting Elvis by Stuart Pawson.
(Allison & Busby, 272 pages, hardback, ISBN 0-7490-8267-4).
Publisher's info ...

Elvis: The Personal Archives by Jeff Scott.
(Channel Photographs LLC, 122 pages, hardback, UK Edition).
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All Elvis, Vol. 2 by Elvis Unlimited Productions
(Elvis Unlimited, paperback, 80 pages, ISBN 87-986523-9-7).
Publisher's info ...

Elvis em Turnê by the Elvis Fanclub of Brazil "Burning Star".
(Burning Star, paperback)

Last Train to Memphis - Elvis Presley - Sein Aufstieg 1935-1958 by Peter Guralnick.
(Bosworth Musikverlag, paperback, 641 pages, ISBN 3865430961).
Publisher's info ...

Elvis - Through My Eyes: Why Elvis Left The Building by Heart Lanier Shapre'.
(AuthorHouse, paperback, 414 pages, ISBN 1420897039)
Publisher's info ...

Remember Elvis by Joe Esposito.
(TCB JOE Publishing, paperback, 454 pages, ISBN 0977894525)

Remember Elvis by Joe Esposito.
(TCB JOE Publishing, hardback, 454 pages, ISBN 0977894509)

Elvis: The Complete Music Catalog by Tom, James and Michael De Medeiros.
(Johnson Gorman Publishing Ltd., paperback, 376 pages, ISBN 0-921835-73-6).

March 2006

No books.

April 2006

Elvis Presley as The One Called Charro by Joe Tunzi.
(JAT Productions, 111 pages, paperback, ISBN 1-888464-14-3)
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More books by Joe Tunzi ...

Review by EIN ...

Word for Word by Jerry Osborne.
(Gramercy Books, 352 pages, hardback, ISBN: 0517227959, re-issue).
Publisher's info ...

Info on 1999 and 2000 editions.

E Is for Elvis: The Elvis Presley Alphabet by Jenny Ivey, W. Calvin Dickinson, Lisa W. Rand and Ron Wireman Jr.
(Rutledge Hill Press, 64 pages, hardback, ISBN: 1401602401).
Publisher's info ...

Today in History: Elvis by John Boertlein.
(Emmis Books, 384 pages, paperback, ISBN: 1578602645).

Moody Blue by Larry Rochelle.
(BookSurge Publishing, paperback, ISBN: 1419629530).

Elvis Religion: Exploring the Cult of The King by Gregory L. Reece.
(I.B. Tauris, 200 pages, paperback, ISBN: 1845111648).

May 2006

Bright Light City: An Elvis Novel by Michael Hodjera.
(iUniverse.com, 320 pages, paperback, ISBN: 0595394590).

The Elvis Encyclopedia by David Stanley.
(JG Press, hardback, 285 pages, ISBN: 1572153199, re-issue)

Elvis: Remembering August 16, 1977 by Spike Collamore and Michael Best.
(AuthorHouse, paperback, 124 pages, ISBN: 1425915302)
Publisher's info ...

Fonction Elvis by Laure Limongi.
(Editions Léo Scheer, paperback, 80 pages, ISBN: 2-7561-0035-8, French novel)
Publisher's info ...

My Life Before, During and After Elvis Presley by John Wilkinson and Nick Moretti.
(BookSurge Publishing, 242 pages, paperback, ISBN: 1-4196-2951-4).

Elvis (Unseen Archives).
(Parragon Publishing, 284 pages, paperback, ISBN: 0752583352).

Elvis Religion: Exploring the Cult of The King by Gregory L. Reece.
(I.B. Tauris, 208 pages, hardback, ISBN: 1845112563).
Publisher's info ...

June 2006

Elvis Cinema and Popular Culture by Douglas Brode.
(McFarland, paperback, 311 pages, ISBN: 0-7864-2526-1).
Publisher's info ...

Elvis Presley: Bilder Seines Lebens by Joanna and Gunter Braun.
(Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, paperback, 224 pages, ISBN: 3-89602-435-3, 2nd Edition).
Publisher's info ...

Elvis A Las Vegas by Daniel Klein.
(Corps 16, paperback, 356 pages, ISBN: 2840576317, French Edition).

The Man Who Shot Elvis And Other Stories by Charles Deemer.
(The Sextant Press, paperback, 124 pages, ISBN: 0-9786-3578-7, fiction).

July 2006

Life Lessons from Elvis by Anthony Rubino Jr.
(Rutledge Hill Press, hardback, 160 pages, ISBN 1-40160-248-7).
Publisher's info ...

The Forgotten Family of Elvis Presley: Elvis' Aunt Lois Smith Speaks Out by Rob Hines.
(AuthorHouse, paperback, ISBN: 1425946224)
Publisher's info ...

Elvis - Hawaii 61: The U.S.S. Arizona Benefit Show by Joe Tunzi.
(JAT Publishing, paperback, 112 pages, ISBN 1-888464-15-1).
Publisher's info ...

More books by Joe Tunzi ...

BRAVO 1956-2006 by Teddy Hoersch.
(Collection Rolf Heyne, hardback, 784 pages, ISBN 3-89910-307-6).
Publisher's info ...

August 2006

Inside G.I. Blues by Megan M. Murphy.
(Elvis Unlimited, paperback, 112 pages, ISBN 87-91975-01-8)
Publisher's info ...

Review by EIN ...

The Blue Moon Boys - The Story of Elvis Presley's Band by Ken Burke and Dan Griffin.
(Chicago Review Press, 279 pages, hardback, ISBN: 1556526148).
Publisher's info ...

Me And A Guy Named Elvis: My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley by Jerry Schilling and Chuck Crisafulli.
(Gotham Books, 352 pages, hardback, ISBN: 1592402313).
Publisher's info ...

Elvis: American Idol by Susan Doll
(Publications International, 320 pages, hardback, ISBN: 1412712491).

Review by EIN ...

Over The Fence by Sara Erwin.
(updated version).
Publisher's info ...

Fortunate Son: The Life of Elvis Presley by Charles Ponce de Leon.
(Hill and Wang, hardback, 242 pages, ISBN: 080903042X).

Review by David Neale ...

Elvis - Story und Songs Kompakt by John Robertson and Rikky Rooksby.
(Bosworth Music GmbH, paperback, 128 pages, ISBN 3865432301, re-release).
Publisher's info ...

Hound Dog by Richard Blandford.
(Jonathan Cape Ltd, paperback, 256 pages, ISBN 0224077759 / 978-0224077750).

September 2006

Elvis: By the Presleys by Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, David Ritz.
(Arrow, 240 pages, paperback, ISBN: 0-09-949797-2 / 978-0-09-949797-4, re-issue).
Publisher's info ...

Le colonnel : L'homme dans l'ombre d'Elvis by Alanna Nash.
(Stanké, paperback, ISBN: 2760410269, French edition).

Elvis By The Presley by David Ritz.
(Swedish Edition).

The Elvis Interview: A Second Chance by M. J. Allan.
(AuthorHouse, paperback, 96 pages, ISBN 1425962041)
Publisher's info ...

The Love Me Tender Years Diary by Trude Forsher.
(BookSurge Publishing, paperback, 194 pages, ISBN 1419634704)

We Remember, Elvis by Wanda June Hill.
(BookSurge Publishing, paperback, 260 pages, ISBN 0894300288, revised 2006 edition)

Images of Elvis.
(Parragon Publishing, hardback, 224 pages, ISBN 1405482958)

Dancing with Elvis by Lynda Stephenson.
(Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, paperback, 323 pages, ISBN 0802853005, re-issue)

October 2006

Careless Love by Peter Guralnick.
(Bosworth Music GmbH, paperback, 936 pages, ISBN 3865431070).

King. Elvis Leeft! by Rich Koslowski.
(Xtra Uitgeverij, paperback, 264 pages, ISBN 90-77766-21-9)
Publisher's info ...

The Elvis Interviews by Glen Bonham.
(Battlefield Publishing Inc, paperback, 351 pages, ISBN: 0978117506)
Publisher's info ...

November 2006

Elvis at 21: From New York to Memphis by Alfred Wertheimer and Chris Murray.
(Insight Editions, hardback, 254 pages, ISBN: 1933784016).

More books by Alfred Wertheimer ...

Elvis im Alter von 21 Jahre: Von New York nach Memphis by Alfred Wertheimer.
(Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, hardback, 254 pages, ISBN: 3-89602-726-3, German edition).
Publisher's info ...

More books by Alfred Wertheimer ...

Elvis at 21: From New York to Memphis - Deluxe Edition by Alfred Wertheimer.
(Welcome Books, hardback, 248 pages, ISBN: 1933784113).

More books by Alfred Wertheimer ...

Insiders' Guide to Memphis by Nicky Robertshaw and Rebecca Finlayson.
(Globe Pequot Press, paperback, 318 pages, ISBN: 0-7627-4185-6).
Publisher's info ...

Elvis Presley : A Biography by Kathleen Tracy.
(Greenwood Press, hardback, 160 pages, ISBN: 0-313-33827-2).

Elvis - Giganten Des 20er Jarhhunderts by Tara McAdams.
(Collection Rolf Heyne, hardback, 432 pages, ISBN 3899103289, German edition).

GRACELAND: An Interactive Pop-Up Tour by Chuck Murphy.
(Quirk Books, hardback, ISBN 1-59474-132-8).
Publisher's info ...

Starring in Oklahoma by Joe Tunzi.
(JAT Publishing, paperback, 96 pages, ISBN: 188846416X).
Publisher's info ...

More books by Joe Tunzi ...

Elvis, Linda & Me: Unseen Pictures & Untold Stories from Graceland by Jeanne LeMay Dumas.
(AuthorHouse, paperback, ISBN 1425960006)
Publisher's info ...

The King by Jim Piazza.
(Collection Rolf Heyne, 192 pages, hardback, ISBN 3899103181, German edition).

The King by Jim Piazza.
(Collection Rolf Heyne, 192 pages, hardback, ISBN 3899103173, German edition).

The King by Jim Piazza.
(Collection Rolf Heyne, 192 pages, hardback, ISBN 389910319X, German edition).

All Shook Up by Hal Leonard Publishing.
(Hal Leonard Publishing, paperback, ISBN 0634096842, sheet music).

The Elvis Impersonation Kit: A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming the King by Laura Lee.
(Black Dog & Leventhal, 72 pages, paperback, ISBN: 1579125484).

Elvis: The Louisiana Hayride Years 1954-1956 by Frank Page with Joey Kent.
(Louisiana Hayride Inc, softcover, 168 pages, ISBN 0977830519, expanded Ed.).

EIN review ...

Elvis: The Louisiana Hayride Years 1954-1956 by Frank Page with Joey Kent.
(Louisiana Hayride Inc, hardcover, 168 pages, ISBN 0-9778305-0-0, expanded Ed.).

EIN review ...

Elvis: The Fairy Tale by Jean Elizabeth Ward.
(iUniverse.com, softcover, 168 pages, ISBN 0-595-41621-7).

December 2006

Memphis Recording Service Vol. 2 1955 'The Rise of Elvis Presley' by Joseph Pirzada.
(Memphis Recording Service, 400 pages, paperback, no ISBN, includes DVD and vinyl record).
Publisher's info ...

Writing For The King by Ken Sharp.
(Follow That Dream Records, 400 pages, hardback, no ISBN).

Elvis Decoded - A Fan's Guide to Deciphering the Myths and Misinformation by Patrick Lacy.
(AuthorHouse, paperback, 380 pages, ISBN 1-4259-5590-8).

Elvis Presley - Desert Storm: The Shattering Of A Myth! by Darrin Lee.
(paperback, 225 pages, 2nd Edition).

Elvis Presley: 1 by Hal Leonard Corp.
(Hal Leonard Corp., paperback, ISBN: 0634099558).

Elvis' Secret Legacy by Cherry McKenzie.
(AuthorHouse, paperback, ISBN: 1425941141).
Publisher's info ...

Review EIN ...

Elvis & The Birth of Rock by Lew Allen.
(Genesis Publications, hardback in slipcase, 156 pages, ISBN: 1-905662-00-9 (same for the deluxe and collectors editions)).
Publisher's info ...

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