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Pål Granlund

Pål Granlund

Just five years after discovering Elvis Presley in 1960, Pål Granlund established the Flaming Star Fan Club in Norway. His activities with this well-respected organisation gave him the opportunity not only to see Elvis perform live over fifty times, but also to meet him on five occasions. In more recent years, Pål has published some of the best books on Elvis' career and output. These include Stein Erik Skar's Elvis: The Concert Years, 1969-1977 (1997), Trevor Simpson's three Best Of British volumes The HMV Years 1956-1958 (2013), The RCA Years 1957-1958 (2014), The RCA Years 1959-1960 (2015) and, in 2016, How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe by Sigbjørn Stabursvik and Hans Otto Engvold.

British author David English has been collaborating with Pål Granlund on multiple Elvis books since 2012. A fan since he was twelve-years-old, David English has helped produce some of the very finest illustrated studies of specific events in Elvis' post-Army career. In order of publication, these include Welcome Home Elvis 1960 (2012), From Memphis To Hollywood (2012), Summer Of '61 (2013), Memphis To Nashville '61 (2014) and Rock Around The Bloch! (2015). Taking Care Of Business: In A Flash (2016) represents David's first foray into Elvis' later years.

The third person involved with Pål's publishing is Paul Richardson. Since 2009, Paul has used his research and writing skills - he has a master's degree in English from Oxford and a doctorate from Durham - to good effect by contributing regular reviews, essays and interviews to the quarterly magazine, 'Elvis: The Man & His Music' as well as editing volumes of Erik Lorentzen's 'Elvis Files' series. Paul has also collaborated with David and Pål on 2014's Memphis To Nashville '61, and further editorial support last year during the production of Rock Around The Bloch! and Change Of Habit.

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Text updated: 2 June 2020


1975 - Elvis As We Remember Him (with Yngvar Holm)
1977 - Elvis Minnealbum (with Yngvar Holm)
1978 - Elvis Minnealbum 2 (with Yngvar Holm)

1980 - Elvis Minnealbum 3 (with Yngvar Holm)
1989 - Elvis - Slik Jeg Motte Ham (with Yngvar Holm)

2004 - He Touched Me (with Hennie Roger)
2004 - I Was the One (with Hennie Roger)
2004 - If I Can Dream (with Hennie Roger)
2004 - The Wonder of You (with Hennie Roger)

2010 - Elvis Presley: King Creole - The Music (with Ernst Jørgensen) (with CD)
2012 - King Creole: Frame by Frame (with Erik Lorentzen)
2012 - Jailhouse Rock: Frame by Frame (with Erik Lorentzen)
2012 - Welcome Home Elvis 1960 (with CD)
2012 - From Memphis To Hollywood (with David English) (with CD)
2013 - Elvis, The Best of British - The HMV Years 1956-1958 (with Trevor Simpson) (with 2 CDs)
2013 - Summer Of '61 (with David English and Keith Russell) (with CD)
2014 - Something for the Girls! (with David English) (with CD)
2014 - Memphis To Nashville '61 (with David English, Keith Russell and Ernst Jørgensen) (with CD)
2014 - Elvis, The Best of British - The RCA Years 1957-1958 (with Trevor Simpson) (with CD)
2015 - Rock Around The Bloch! (with David English) (with CD)
2015 - Change Of Habit (with David English) (with CD)
2015 - Elvis, The Best of British - The RCA Years 1959-1960 (with Trevor Simpson) (with CD)
2016 - How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe (with Sigbjørn Stabursvik and Hans Otto Engvold) (with vinyl EP)
2016 - Taking Care of Business - In A Flash (with David English and Paul Richardson) (with CD)
2016 - His Songs of Praise, Volume 1 (with Trevor Simpson) (with CD)
2017 - His Songs of Praise, Volume 2 (with Trevor Simpson) (with CD)
2017 - Elvis at Madison Square Garden (with David English)
2018 - Rebel With a Cause '56 (with David English) (with CD)
2018 - The Wild One '56 (with David English) (with CD)
2019 - Through the Lens of Phillip Harrington (with CD)
2019 - The Making of Viva Las Vegas (with David English) (book with 3 CD set)

2020 - That's The Way It Is - 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition (The Rehearsals, The Concerts) (with David English) (2 books with 8 CD set)
2021 - Love Me Tender: Through the Lens of Robert Vose (with David English) (book with 2 CDs)
2021 - The Making of Jailhouse Rock (with David English) (2 books with 3 CDs and vinyl 45-single)


2022 - Elvis On Tour - 50th Anniversary release by David English and Pål Granlund

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