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Särkyneen Sydämen Liiteri - Kuvitteellisia Kertomuksia Elviksestä
Mäntylä, Juha (2023)

Lector Kustannus Oy , Finland
hardback , 192 pages
ISBN-10: 952-7433-86-X , ISBN-13: 978-952-7433-86-7

Category: Novel
Language: Finnish
Description: A Broken Heart Lyric - Imaginary stories about Elvis. 16. August 1977, the world was met with shocking news: the king of rock, Elvis Presley, had died at the age of only 42. For fans, however, Elvis lives on through his music and films. This book is a collection of short stories by twelve writers who admire Elvis, in which Elvis lives in dreams, in real life and as a character on the streets. In the background of each story, a song recorded by Elvis plays either in the center of the events, in a dream or in memories.
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