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Elvis E Il Priorato Di Sion
Allegri, Michelle (2009)

Italianova Publishing Company , Italy
paperback , 320 pages
ISBN-10: 88-8895-176-8 , ISBN-13: 978-88-8895-176-8

Category: Religion
Language: Italian
Description: The countless coincidences between Elvis Presley's life and larger events raise many questions that this essay collects. What, for example, is the meaning of the strange name Elvis Aron? How many know that Elvis had a twin brother? How many know of Elvis' passion for occultism and esotericism? How many know that the singer was a secret agent of the FBI, who was directly under US President Nixon? Who was actually the mysterious manager known as "Colonel Parker"? Could Elvis have been a part of the mysterious Priory of Sion, like many other artists of all time? Was Elvis's rock music part of a shamanic ritual aimed at the sexual liberation of the masses? With the rigor of the modern investigator, the author provides the reader with an unprecedented key to interpreting the mystery that lies behind the man, the singer, starting Elvislogia, the serious study of a character and his cult, analyzed from the anthropological, religious, esoteric, historical and chronological point of view.
English title: 'Elvis and the Priory of Sion'.
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