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Inside G.I. Blues
Murphy, Megan M. ; Matraszek, Henryk (2006)

Elvis Unlimited Productions , Denmark
paperback , 112 pages , 21.5 x 21.5 x 0.8 cm , 0.383 kg
ISBN-10: 87-91975-01-8 , ISBN-13: 978-87-91975-01-1

Category: Filmography
Language: English
Description: Details of the filming of G.I. Blues. This is a limited edition box set (2000 copies) which came with a book, DVD, vinyl single, a set of 5 cards and a numbered certificate (in this case no. 988). The covers shown are from the book and are the same as from the box except it lacks the announcement on the box 'Limited edition including special DVD and vinyl single'. The cardboard box roughly measures 22x24x4cm. The book is filled with black&white and color photos from the movie and behind the scenes. The book is divided into : general information about the movie (with special memories from Red West and Jan Shephard); photos in the recording studio; a day by day account from the initial start of the filming till the release in November 1960; worldwide publicity items with movie posters, magazine covers and vinyl; scene breakdown with movie stills; a section with info about the actors, production and other crew; info about the sountrack (with dates); list of CD releases by BMG from the years 1986-1997. The DVD (code 0, duration 12 minutes) shows footage from Elvis returning home from Germany, the March 1960 press conference and two G.I. Blues movie trailers. The 45RPM vinyl contains 'Paramount's G.I. Blues 25/50 Word Spots Nos. 1-6'. The post-card size cards show reproductions of movie stills (2 cards), a letter from Tom Diskin to a fan (1 card), an LP-redraw order (1 card) and an admission ticket for the Elvis performance at the Bloch Arena, Pearl Harbor, on 25 March 1961 (1 card). Research for the book was done by Ger Rijff, Henrik Knudsen and Lars Gjeding. Foreword is by songwriter Sid Tepper.
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