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Elvis. Wszystkie Plyty Krola 1956-1965
Ogieglo, Mariusz (2020)

unknown publisher , Poland
paperback , 327 pages
ISBN-10: 83-7564-615-6 , ISBN-13: 978-83-7564-615-3

Category: Discography
Language: Polish
Description: The book 'All the King's albums' is not another discography, filled with comparative analyzes of individual releases or an excessive amount of dates and numbers, but a publication full of memories of people involved in the creation of subsequent albums, anecdotes from recording sessions, as well as opinions and reviews. Following each successive sound from our favorite album, many of us probably do not think about or analyze the backstage of its creation. And yet each album, just like a photo, has its own story. Often extremely rich and extremely interesting. A story that is born with the first ideas for songs, their later arrangements, places and circumstances in which they will be recorded, up to the final photos for the cover. There are people behind each of these stories. Not only those we admire - our idols. But most of all, people whose names many of us do not remember or even know at all. Composers, musicians, soloists and choristers providing vocal accompaniment as well as producers, technicians, sound engineers and photographers. In a word, a whole group of people who for many is only a background, and without whom the album of our favorite artist would never sound or look in a way for which we respect and admire it. This book covers the years 1956 to 1966.
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