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A Stone For Danny Fisher
Robbins, Harold (2011)

Ishi Press International , New York (NY) , reprint
paperback , 426 pages , 21.6 x 14.0 x 2.7 cm , 0.595 kg
ISBN10: 4-87187-618-7 ISBN13: 978-4-87187-618-6

Category: Filmography
Language: English
Description: The book on which 'King Creole' was based, about a nineteen-year-old who gets mixed up with crooks and involved with two women. Originally released in 1952. This version comes with an 18-page forword by Sam Sloan (author, publisher and candidate for various US public office functions) discussing the movie King Creole.
Source(s): Cover, info and description : ElvisBooks

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