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Unerzähltes Aus Dem Leben Des Angeblich Toten Elvis Aaron Presley
Latschenkopf, Felix (2023)

Novum Publishing GmbH
paperback , 124 pages
ISBN-10: 3-99131-946-2 , ISBN-13: 978-3-99131-946-7

Category: Humor
Language: German
Description: Rarely has a solo artist become such a legend in music history as Elvis, and he still holds the record for most records sold today. Here, a humorous memorial is erected to the unforgettable entertainer, which, with a wink, reveals the superstar's completely unexpected personal sides. Can you imagine the King of Rock 'n' Roll as a teacher in a normal high school? Or even as a passionate angler who is concerned with both the life cycles of fish and the environmental aspects of sport fishing? Yes, you can! As dazzling as his stage costumes, as impulsive and varied as his songs, as surprising - and sometimes profound - these entertaining stories ultimately only show one thing: Elvis is alive!
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