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Das Ziemlich Lebendige Leben Des Vermeintlich Toten Elvis
Geigenmüller, Tobias (2017)

Rohwohlt Berlin , Germany
paperback , 256 pages
ISBN-10: 3-87134-181-9 , ISBN-13: 978-3-87134-181-6

Category: Novel
Language: German
Description: Everywhere it is announced: Elvis is dead. The fans mourn, the record boss is crying, Hawaii sobs one last "Aloha" for the King. Sitting comfortably on his sofa in Tupelo, the news is watched by a man who can't get the grin out of his bloated face. Never in his life would Elvis have thought that it would feel so good to be dead. In one of his numerous sleepless nights, Elvis had decided to die before he dies - and to start where he had once left off: as a normal person. Instead of being bored on some South Sea island, the King throws himself into one eventful life after another after his death. Whether as a truck driver in his hometown, as a fairly successful Elvis impersonator through the country - which he has to stop when he is already threatening to become famous again - as the founder of a suicide agency that offers celebrities the absolute all-round service for the staging of their death, or as a nagging neighbor in retired people's paradise - Elvis is alive, and how!
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