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Elvis Has (Not) Left The Building
Dorn, Mathias (2023)

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paperback , 248 pages
ISBN-10: 3-7578-2667-1 , ISBN-13: 978-3-7578-2667-3

Category: Novel
Language: German
Description: The Marshal, an interpreter with a drinking problem, gets an unexpected opportunity when the Elvis Presley Club hires him to interpret at an event in Memphis marking the 40th anniversary of Elvis' death. The mission turns into a fiasco for the passionate Elvis fan. The marshal drowns his frustration in alcohol and later ends up in Graceland with his new acquaintance, the "lunatic". What follows are three breathless days and nights with Elvis in his mansion, which show a man who was more than what the world saw of him even during his lifetime. Elvis has a plan. But on the mission he sends the men on, the game threatens to become serious. Also released as kindle-edition.
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