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Die Elvis-Tolle: Lebensgeschichte Und Jugendliche Alltagskultur In Den Fünfziger Jahren
Krüger, Heinz-Hermann (Ed.) (1985)

Leske Verlag + Budrich GmbH , Leverkusen (Germany)
paperback , 236 pages
ISBN-10: 3-322-91631-6 , ISBN-13: 978-3-322-91631-0

Category: Elvis related
Language: German
Description: English title: 'The Elvis quiff: life story and adolescent everyday culture in the fifties'. The author/editor states in the introduction 'Elvis Presley would have been fifty years old on January 8, 1985. He lives on in his fans. 'Flashback' shows Berlin Teds preparing a birthday party. A rock'n-roll-oub warms-up for dancing. In addition, for Elvis fans, the King of Rock'n Roll in picture and sound.' (BWZ magazine dated January 5, 1985). This reference from a current program magazine is only an indication of a development that has been going on in the German Federal Republic since beginning of the eighties. For about three years, the clothes, hairstyles, dance styles and taste in music of a large number of young people, as well as the rock'n'roll sounds of 'Neue Deutsche Tanzmusik', in the displays of department stores and since the Bonner Wende' also observed a nostalgic reference to an apparently golden age in the recipes of official politics: the 1950s. In the authors opinion, however, this revival of historical Art Nouveau is only a matter of fashionable quotations, of myths being created by the mass media and culture industry. A number of articles that have appeared in recent years also contribute indirectly to this myth-making (e.g. rowdy riots, rock 'n' roll music). This book appeared in the series 'Studien zu Jugendforschung 3' and has conyributions by various authors.
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