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Bootleg Elvis - The Vinyl Records: From 1970 To Today
Gübeli, Felix ; Gilgen, Rolf ; Van Bragt, Peter ; Dekker, Dick ; Pause, Bruno (2012)

Felix Gübeli , Switzerland
hardback , 632 pages , 30.6 x 21.0 x 4.6 cm , 2.508 kg
ISBN10: 3-033-02922-1 ISBN13: 978-3-033-02922-4

Category: Discography
Language: English
Description: This book lists and visualizes every known Elvis bootleg record, and also lists and shows all known variations of each record. With more than 1200 color pictures, track listings, cross-references, matrix numbers, cover/label/vinyl/sound descriptions of about 1000 records. Inclused almost 65 pages about the history of (Elvis) bootlegging, starting in 1901 up to 2012. There are about 70 pages of stories written by all the major bootleggers from the USA, Canada and Europe. Limited to 1000 copies.
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