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Beyond The Stars: My Seven Year Journey With Elvis Presley
Pearl, Grace (2020)

Ariane Editions
ISBN-10: 2-89626-539-2 , ISBN-13: 978-2-89626-539-8

Category: Religion
Language: English
Description: A conversation with Elvis Presley - about the true reality of life and the true reality of love. The author didn t know much about rock-and-roll music. She hardly knew anything about Elvis Presley. She would never have imagined that spirituality had been as important to him as his music was. She only knew what everyone else knew: Elvis was the King of rock and roll, acclaimed all over the world and died young, either from a heart attack or drug abuse. An amazing sequence of events led Grace Pearl to be in direct contact with Elvis Presley. It seemed so unreal that it took her months to believe it and finally, to accept it. From the dimension where he continues his life, Elvis Presley conveys to us inspiring messages to lead fulfilling, happy lives through our talents and passions. He says that he embarked on this adventure "because I feel for all of you and I want to help you understand the purpose of life on Earth and the role of your Soul in everyday life. You need to change and care for one another." Grace Pearl shares her compelling conversations with Elvis and the fascinating experiences she lived during her seven year journey with him. She also shares interesting moments with other well-known and well-loved Entities that Elvis introduced her to (source: Amazon).
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