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Elvis Presley
Thoury, Jean-William ; Beltran, Jean (Illustrator) (2016)

BD Music Editions , France
paperback , 44 pages
ISBN-10: 2-37450-485-9 , ISBN-13: 978-2-37450-485-8

Category: Biographies
Language: French
Description: He has been bestowed with countless nicknames, the most eloquent of which, the King. Elvis Presley, the most important phenomenon in the history of recorded music, is the King of Kings! In the mid-1950s, catalyzing various currents, he imposed rock'n'roll on the planet, overturning everything in his path with irresistible originality, charm and freshness. His talent allows him to approach all styles, he does not hesitate. His influence remains deep and his character is the subject of a cult that never runs out of steam. Illustrated edition.
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