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The Strange Medical Saga Of Elvis Presley
Tennant, Forest (2021)

Tennant Foundation , West Covina, CA (USA)
hardback , 229 pages
ISBN-10: 1-955934-01-0 , ISBN-13: 978-1-955934-01-5

Category: Reference
Language: English
Description: Elvis' full medical saga has only recently begun to be thoroughly examined. After all these years people still want to know what happened to the "King." Three years after his death, the author served as the major expert defense witness for Elvis' doctor, Dr. George C. Nichopolous. The District Attorney of Shelby County originally wanted to charge him with murder/manslaughter for "intentionally prescribing to harm Elvis Presley," but the charges were changed to "prescribing without a legitimate medical purpose." The jury promptly acquitted him, but the author was left with many questions about what exactly was physically wrong with Elvis. The question of "was it heart or was it drugs" remained unanswered. In the years since his death, medical research has advanced to the point that we have new insights regarding his underling health problems and untimely death. Many of the mysteries of Elvis' life and death, which the author hopes to unveil in this book, can now be answered. The author claims to be in the unique position of being the only physician in the country who still has Elvis' full medical records from the trial. With expertise in internal medicine, addiction, and pain medicine along with having personally known his physicians, the author was in a unique position to help uncover his mysterious medical saga. The author is to shed some light on his health issues, and hopefully, with the help of medical science and common sense, solve the mystery of what really happened to Elvis! Includes a medical chronology and a summary of Elvis' hospitalization from October 1960 to April 1977.
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