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Roots Of Elvis: The True Origin Story Revealed By DNA & New Research
Lindberg, Gary (2022)

Calumet Editions
paperback , 324 pages
ISBN-10: 1-950743-77-2 , ISBN-13: 978-1-950743-77-3

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Language: English
Description: Within the genetic maze of his ancestors lie the deep roots of Elvis Presley, the relatives with whom he shared DNA and who influenced him in unknown and unpredictable ways. He was a product of his ancestors—their habits, traditions, traits, lifestyles and values. Just as his parents' genes were shared through the union of sperm and egg, his ancestors' beliefs and values were indelibly shared with him through the telling of family stories and the imprinting of attitudes. But Elvis's public origin story is a mess of myth and factual errors that is finally corrected. In Roots of Elvis, you will learn, among many other things, startling new facts...
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