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Elvis & The Birth Of Rock
Allen, Lew ; McCartney, Mike (2006)

Genesis Publications , collectors Ed.
hardback slipcase , 156 pages
ISBN-10: 1-905662-00-9 , ISBN-13: 978-1-905662-00-5

Category: Photographs
Language: English
Description: Lew Allen's remarkable photography is published here for the first time. His monograph reveals Elvis Presley on stage and behind the scenes; Buddy Holly playing and travelling, only a year before his untimely death; The Everly Brothers as headliners with their hit 'Wake Up Little Susie'; Frankie Avalon primps in front of a mirror; Buddy Holly and Don Everly share private jokes and Bobby Darin singing on stage, winking for Lew's camera. Accompanying the photographs, Elvis & the Birth of Rock features a text of over 7,000 words from Lew Allen and guest editor Mike McCartney, as they discuss what it was like to be in the presence of such legendary performers. Released in two versions: a collectors edition (750 copies, quarter-bound in blue suede, with printed Imitlin boards, black tooling and silver page edging) and a deluxe edition (350 copies, fully-bound in blue suede with silver tooling and page edging). Both editions were hardback books in a hand-made slipcase and share the same ISBN. The cover shown is from the book of the collectors edition.
Source: genesis-publications.com
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