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Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! - A Look Back At The Good Times
Pichon, Sandi Haynes (2004)

Apex Publishing Ltd. , Essex (UK)
paperback , 196 pages , 21 x 14.9 x 1.4 cm , 0.471 kg
ISBN-10: 1-904444-23-7 , ISBN-13: 978-1-904444-23-7

Category: Memoirs and memories
Language: English
Description: Like millions of first-generation Rock & Roll teens, Sandi Haynes Pichon, Author, Columnist & President of TCB ELVIS STYLE Fan Club in Louisiana, was Raised on ELVIS! ELVIS! ELVIS! In between the time she sat with him on his motorcycle at his Audubon Drive home until the day she stood weeping by his coffin inside Graceland, Sandi was front row and center for ELVIS concerts all over the country. As a pre-teen in Memphis, she was there to witness a regional attraction which become a national obsession; she devoted years of her adult life to being part of his global audience, and has since dedicated herself to charities that pay homage to his iconic memory. Through several chance meetings with ELVIS himself and friendships with his inner circle Sandi was close enough to feel for the wonderful man that was living in the shadow of his awesome reputation. They exchanged gifts and kisses across the footlights and she was invited to the parties after the shows and even to Graceland Mansion. "I was so fortunate to have been able to have such meaningful contact with the most beloved entertainer ever," Sandi relates. "I always knew that I was there for the millions who wished they were, so this story belongs to all the fans, who have loved him, turned their rooms into shrines to him, and stood by him for all these years." So now enjoy this pictorial novella of a time and place where a man changed the world one heart at a time.
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" Very intersting from a different prospective "

" With Sandi's book, you feel as though you are right there with her through it all. I have had the pleasure of getting to know this wonderful Lady & she is the most beautiful true fan of Elvis that I have ever met. Cheryl Mitchell. USA "

" It's different and unusual - but a "must" for every fan! "

" This an excellent book as told from the point of view of a true fan, who actually knew him. Keith Kivell Canada "

" her second one is even better...but they are diffrent "

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