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Elvis, America The Beautiful
Tunzi, Joseph A. (2001)

JAT Productions , Chicago (IL)
paperback , 96 pages , 22 x 22.9 x 0.5 cm , 0.336 kg
ISBN10: 1-888464-08-9 ISBN13: 978-1-888464-08-5

Category: Concerts and television appearances
Language: English
Description: The author showcases Elvis and his love for the USA during Elvis’ entire career. With black&white photographs (pages 10 to 49) and color photographs (pages 51 to 93), all of which are captioned and credited. Introduction is written by Mike Eder. Includes a transcript of the letter Elvis delivered to the White House on December 21, 1970. The book came with a 5-track Bonus CD (see track listing).
Source(s): Cover, info and description : ElvisBooks
Publisher : www.jatpublishing.com...

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