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Elvis Returns To Graceland
Smith, D.P. (2021)

Palmetto Publishing
hardback , 168 pages
ISBN-10: 1-63837-245-4 , ISBN-13: 978-1-63837-245-5

Category: Novel
Language: English
Description: While living eternally in Heaven, Elvis Presley peers through the clouds down to where he once lived his mortal life ... and sees a world filled with chaos. The date is August 16, 2020, and the entire world is upside down, suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic, racial strife and unrest, violent protests, political upheaval, and non-unity between the many, many people Elvis once knew as his adoring fans. Elvis becomes quite distraught, and somehow convinces God that he can make a difference for the better if he can just go back to Earth. God allows Elvis to return as his 33-year-old self, wearing nothing but a sequenced jumpsuit, his jewelry, and his famous large-rimmed sunglasses. God also has one other provision: Elvis will be a mortal human being once again ... but for only one month. After that, he must return to the land of Milk and Honey, God's glorious Kingdom. Can Elvis, arguably the greatest entertainer who ever lived, change the world for the better in only 30 days? For Elvis, it's now or never. He has no doubt he can change the world. But the question remains, will the mortal world change Elvis?
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