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Elvis And Gladys
Dundy, Elaine (2004)

University Press of Mississippi , Jackson
paperback , 350 pages , 21 x 13.9 x 2.7 cm , 0.477 kg
ISBN-10: 1-57806-634-4 , ISBN-13: 978-1-57806-634-6

Category: Biographies
Language: English
Description: This book reconstructs, for the first time, the extraordinary role of Elvis' mother, Gladys, played in the the formative years of Elvis' life. The author interviewd over one hundred people about Elvis and Gladys, many of whom grew up with Elvis.
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Their average rating is 8.5.
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" A good book, well researched, should be on every fans bookshelf. "

" A great book...takes you back in time! "

" A lot of information on the unique relationship of Mother and Son. The genealogy- a bit boring, but the story of Gladys and Elvis - including a chpt dealing with Col Parker - excellent. "

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