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The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words
Hinton, Donald (2001)

American Literary Press Inc. , Baltimore
paperback , 88 pages , 21.5 x 13.6 x 0.8 cm , 0.148 kg
ISBN-10: 1-56167-676-4 , ISBN-13: 978-1-56167-676-7

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Language: English
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This book has been rated by 6 person(s), 5 of them have read this book.
Their average rating is 6.2.
Their comments:

" Just don't know what to make of it! Why would this doctor expose himself to ridicule like this is beyond me? "

" Certainly the most silly Elvis book ever written. Save your money and buy some serious one. "

" This book is Elvis's own truth. Read and understand why he left. "

" found it truthful "

" well it has been 5 years since this came out the doctor had his drug licence taken from him and was in court regarding all the stuff that was sent to Jesse / Elvis . it is a sad memory of how people play on the hope that an alive 71 year old Elvis will appear one day. That said the Doctor may also have been conned also. the photo of a 65 year old Elvis with Grandson Ben is likely computer manufactured and the Elvis grin picture used you would remember. Buy only if you have a collection that includes a Whacko Shelf like I do.only a 1. MB. "

" its the truth,and nothing but the truth people. "

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