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Elvis And The Colonel: An Insider's Look At The Most Legendary Partnership In Show Business
McDonald, Greg ; Terrill, Marshall (2023)

St. Martin's Press
hardback , 384 pages , 23.6 x 15.5 x 4 cm , 0.454 kg
ISBN-10: 1-250-28749-9 , ISBN-13: 978-1-250-28749-6

Category: Biographies
Language: English
Description: Colonel Tom Parker, often reviled in his time, led the strategy from the earliest days of Elvis's career. Together, they built the most legendary partnership in show business. For the first time, Colonel Parker's story is told by an insider, Greg McDonald, who worked under Parker for years. Never-before-heard stories of Parker's collaboration with Elvis reveal the man behind the legend and the strategies that made Elvis a commercial groundbreaker. Ingrained lore has it that Parker took advantage of 'poor country boy' Elvis to sign the singer who became 'The King'. But Elvis and the Colonel shows that Elvis was not foolish when it came to business arrangements. This book is full of stories of innovations Parker made with his star client, including: --ingenious merchandising (eg, selling both 'I love Elvis' and 'I hate Elvis' buttons) --licensing and branding, from suits to toys, ashtrays to guitars --establishing The King as an artist-in-residence in Las Vegas --creating televised concert events, like Elvis' Christmas special Many of the practices Parker established are still deployed today by most major agencies. Parker's experience as a carny and an immigrant shaped his management style when he was at his peak, showing how he adapted big top practices to the big time. The heart of Elvis and the Colonel is the long, strong, warm and complex relationship between two iconic men.
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