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Elvis, Encore Performance II: In The Garden
Tunzi, Joseph A. (1993)

JAT Productions , Chicago (IL)
paperback , 97 pages , 26 x 23 x 0.8 cm , 0.413 kg
ISBN10: 0-9620083-4-6 ISBN13: 978-0-9620083-4-4

Category: Concerts and television appearances
Language: English
Description: Black&White photographs of Elvis’ concerts in Madison Square Garden, New York City, 10 June 1972 (afternoon and evening shows), including the press conference on June 9th. With an introduction by Glen D. Hardin. Limited text describing the concert impressions. No captions.
Source(s): Cover, info and description : ElvisBooks
Publisher : www.jatpublishing.com...

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