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The Elvis Book Iv: The Candid Elvis
Shaver, Sean (1991)

self-published , Kansas City (MO)
hardback with dust jacket , 177 pages , 36.4 x 28.9 x 1.9 cm , 2.057 kg
ISBN-10: 0-9602826-5-3 , ISBN-13: 978-0-9602826-5-4

Category: Photographs
Language: English
Description: No description
Source(s): Cover and info : ElvisBooks

This book has been rated by 17 person(s), 17 of them have read this book.
Their average rating is 3.2.
Their comments:

" the legendary shaver books, but this is just bad, some sites are just empty too sad...compare this to his other releases is this a throw away book. the elvis behind the image book is now the king of the candid books and the unseen elvis by curtin gives you so much more for the money! "

" you better believe it... some pages are just empty! a very poor release! "

" stay away from it "

" very bad "

" Form the book is very good, not really super same the otherīs sean books, but much better than portfolio & our memories. Purchased in memphis, back 1992 "

" what happed to volume two "

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