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Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary Collection, The King Of Rock And Roll
Schroer, Andreas ; Knorr, Michael ; Hentschel, Oskar (2009)

Pegasus Entertainment
hardback , 140 pages
ISBN-10: 0-9564202-0-6 , ISBN-13: 978-0-9564202-0-6

Category: Elvis in the army
Language: English
Description: Fully illustrated hardback book examining Elvis' time in Germany when he was drafted into the army, featuring rare photos from the personal collections of local people of the area where he was stationed. The book traces the story of Presley's two years in the army including the trauma of his mother's death just three weeks before he left for Germany, the media circus which surrounded him on his arrival, the girls and drugs along the way and his triumphant return to America. Includes a DVD and 2 CDs. The DVD 'Death Of A Legend - The Investigation Continues' containes a documentary with comments from those who were closest to Elvis, the people charged with caring for him and who were at Graceland on that fateful day. They talk of Elvis' final moments and how a sequence of events led to a sad and lonely end for one of the world's greatest entertainers. Reunited for the first time his longest serving friends tell their personal, revealing and often amazing stories. These are the men who were trusted by Elvis to share his innermost thoughts and secrets known collectively as the Memphis Mafia. With the help of reconstructions and eye-witness accounts this DVD examines the drugs, the girls, the financial meltdown and the pivotal role of Colonel Tom Parker leading up to the death of a legend. The 2 CDs 'Featuring 50 Classic Tracks' contain each 25 tracks from the 50's.
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