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Word For Word
Osborne, Jerry (1999)

Osborne Enterprises Publishing , Port Townsend (WA) , 1st Ed.
hardback , 290 pages , 28.4 x 21.6 x 3 cm , 1.191 kg
ISBN-10: 0-932117-29-5 , ISBN-13: 978-0-932117-29-8

Category: Elvis in quotes
Language: English
Description: Transcripts of Elvis interviews, press conferences, and concert comments in chronological order from October 1954 to August 1977.
Source(s): Cover, info and description : ElvisBooks
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This book has been rated by 5 person(s), 3 of them have read this book.
Their average rating is 6.6.
Their comments:

" A valuable reference source for anyone who wants to find rare interviews ,and plenty of great comments from various import concerts.Great to have,thanks JERRY!! "

" The most fun Elvis reading in my library! "

" Incomplete but impressive! Fans, especially those who don't speak english fluently and fail to capture every word on Elvis's records, will enjoy reading this book that covers most known to this date Elvis quotes and words. "

" A very good job, very impressive! Very helpful for those whose mothertongue is not english! Overalll a very good read with nice pictures and rare documents presented in a giant size book. "

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