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I Called Him Babe - Elvis Presley's Nurse Remembers
Cocke, Marian J. (1979)

Memphis State University Press , Memphis (TN)
hardback with dust jacket , 160 pages , 23.5 x 16 x 1.9 cm , 0.522 kg
ISBN-10: 0-87870-053-6 , ISBN-13: 978-0-87870-053-0

Category: Memoirs and memories
Language: English
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" this book was a joy to read for once it was told like it is, and The author clearly knew the elvis we see , a very caring book well written, and nurse marion did not do it for the money but for telling Elvis fans what he was really like, a very nice caring person wioth humour , a great humanitarian. "

" Written soon after Elvis passed away this book is interesting for the fans who want to hear once more about his big heart and true dedication to the ones he loved. Overall a very positive book with only little unknown information (even for the time it came out) and a character (Marian J's) that looks rewritten to fit an idealistic reality transformed into a big screen production. Marian J. Cocke was for sure a very kind nurse and she must have truly cared for Elvis but I'm afraid it wasn't that central in Elvis' world even in the last couple of years of his life. One thing Marian did do for Elvis : tell the doctors to stop working on him in the operating room, realizing "her babe" had obviously been gone for several hours. The main quality of this book is to recreate accurately those days of 1977 in Memphis Tennessee and how it felt to be in there. "


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