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A Conversation With The King
Freedman, D.M. (2020)

Skalater Press & Books
paperback , 250 pages
ISBN-10: 0-578-75953-5 , ISBN-13: 978-0-578-75953-1

Category: Novel
Language: English
Description: It is the spring of 1977 and Elvis Presley is dying. But he does not want to die. He just wants the pain to go away. To whom can he reach out to? Not his fiancée. Not his Memphis Mafia. Certainly not to Colonel Tom Parker, his manager. Why this pain? How is it that he can explain it to no one? Who can actually help him? He turns to his Rabbi for help! Elvis Presley is desperate to leave show business and just be a normal person. Unfortunately for him, he is an immense star and cannot just disappear into the ether of society. But what if he could? Better yet, what if he actualizes it and lives to be an old man?
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