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Attack Of The Evil Elvises
Greenburg, Dan ; Pamintuan, Macky (ill.) (2007)

Random House Children's Books , New York (NY) , lib. bdg.
hardback , 90 pages
ISBN-10: 0-375-93347-6 , ISBN-13: 978-0-375-93347-9

Category: Deceptive titles
Language: English
Description: Children's book. After their spaceship is taken by the Great Ones, Ploo, Klatu, and Lek return to Las Vegas. There they discover an infestation of Elvis impersonators, in town for a convention. Klatu, Lek, and Ploo are sure the odd-looking humans are up to no good, and it turns out that they're right . . . for once. These are no ordinary Elvises - they are evil aliens from outer space in disguise with nefarious plans to take over Earth!
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