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Elvis By The Presleys
Ritz, David (2005)

Crown Publishers , New York (NY)
hardback with dust jacket , 242 pages , 26.0 x 21.5 x 2.0 cm , 1.081 kg
ISBN10: 0-307-23741-9 ISBN13: 978-0-307-23741-5

Category: Memoirs and memories
Language: English
Description: No description
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This book has been rated by 13 person(s), 13 of them have read this book.
Their average rating is 5.2.
Their comments:

" nice "

" I was expecting more private pics! "

" Nice book but not sensational like it could have been. "

" Very very very bad book...Shame!!! Stay away from that horrible book! "

" Finally Priscilla throws off the mask and tells the real story (although keeping some of it private as excepted and desirable). A great DVD, an interesting CD and finally this book. Full of rare high quality pictures, little known or unknown facts, including Elvis' words put on a piece of paper while he spent the night in Vegas in his Hilton bedroom before he threw it away. Words that tell his loneliness, his personal relationship to God, his desperate need for help and overall his inconsolable pain and sorrow. Moving and rare. "

" Boring. Any of the other books on this site wil be better then this piece of crap "

" I was disapointed by it all more Pricilla Propoganda in my opinion. glad i never waited in line for an autograph i was in London that day. I feel this woman is getting one over Elvis and his fans makes me angry. 5 for presentation and pictures only. MB. "

" bad very bad "

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