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Rock 'N' Film: Cinema's Dance With Popular Music
James, David E. (2016)

Oxford University Press
hardback , 484 pages
ISBN-10: 0-19-938759-1 , ISBN-13: 978-0-19-938759-5

Category: Filmography
Language: English
Description: For two decades after the mid-1950s, biracial popular music played a fundamental role in progressive social movements on both sides of the Atlantic. Balancing rock's capacity for utopian popular cultural empowerment with its usefulness for the capitalist media industries, Rock 'N' Film explores how the music's contradictory potentials were reproduced in various kinds of cinema, including major studio productions, minor studios' exploitation projects, independent documentaries, and the avant-garde. These include Rock Around the Clock and other 1950s jukebox musicals; the films Elvis made before being drafted, especially King Creole (Chapter 5: Rock 'n' Roll Noir: Elvis Before the Army), as well as the formulaic comedies in which Hollywood abused his genius in the 1960s (in Chapter 6: Sunshine Elvis: The Devil in Disguise) ; among other chapters. In analyzing this history, the author adapts the methodology of histories of the classic film musical to show how the rock 'n' roll film both displaced and recreated it.
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