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Elvis Don't Like Football: The Life And Raucous Times Of The NFL's Most Outspoken Coach
Glanville, Jerry ; Miller, David J. (1990)

MacMillan Publishing Co.
hardback , 190 pages
ISBN-10: 0-02-544011-X , ISBN-13: 978-0-02-544011-1

Category: Deceptive titles
Language: English
Description: Glanville was a former coach of the Houston Oilers and later head mentor of the Atlanta Falcons, lives up to his maverick reputation in a work that is a curious blend of biography and polemic. Interspersed among accounts of his growing up and career highlights is a succession of barbs aimed at his favorite targets, mainly the media and fellow NFL coaches whom he claims mistake his methods. His open fondness for entertainers who lived 'on the edge' (Elvis, James Dean, etc.) contributes to his rebel image. As head coach of the Houston Oilers, Glanville staged an unusual publicity stunt: at out-of-town games he would leave tickets at the box office in the name of a local celebrity, past or present--Elvis Presley in Memphis, James Dean in Indianapolis, Ind., Loni Anderson in Cincinnati, Ohio. The book title comes from the 2 tickets he left in will call for each game for the king of rock and roll, he heard of many sightings but no appearance. This leads to the conclusion that the King does not like football.
Source: Library Journal.
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